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Music & Memories

For over twenty five years, our weekly radio program, "Music & Memories" has been broadcast every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. over KASM radio, 1150 AM in Albany. Each week we recognize those who died in the coming week of the previous year and include inspirational music. We also invite listeners to call or write to have their loved one remembered on the program.

Our weekly radio program, "Music & Memories", is broadcast every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. over KASM radio, 1150AM. Each week we recognize those who died in the coming week of the previous year, along with inspirational music.

Invitations to listen are sent out to each family we have served about a week before the program airs. But now we are able to post the script for this coming Sunday right here.

We invite you to have your loved one remembered on the program. Just fill out this form. Remember to send us the name and date of death about ten days ahead of time so that we can get them on the program the week before the anniversary date. 

Music & Memories

Music & Memories for Sunday, July 5, 2020

Published: July 5, 2020

Music & Memories Radio Script 

Broadcast for Sunday July 5, 2020 

Good Morning and welcome to Music & Memories. 

This is Linda Sue and I am the grief specialist at Patton-Schad Funeral Home. It is my pleasure to bring you this week’s program on KASM Radio station. This program is our way of reaching out to help families deal with the difficult days surrounding the anniversary of the death of a loved one. You may grieve and miss your loved one without focusing on the pain of the loss. Mourn and cry but let go of the anger and fear. 

This program is dedicated to the memory of: 
Alma Baggenstoss who died June 27, 1997 
Father John Greiner who died July 1, 1992 
Bernard Simon who died July 3, 1989 
Lampert Orth who died July 3, 1984 
Rose Toenyan who died July 4, 1997 
Nancy Morke who died July 5, 2018 
Marge Czech who died July 5, 2012 
Stanley Lentner who died July 5, 1995 
Leo Prom who died July 6, 1999 
Roman Botz who died July 6, 2002 
Jean Gilbert who died July 7, 2019 
Father Julian Schmiesing who died July 7, 2018 
Leo Schneider who died July 7, 2005 
Agatha Roering who died July 7, 1990 
Hubert Barthel who died July 7, 1967 
Lloyd Butkowski who died July 8, 2019 
Herman Behnen Sr. who died July 8, 1969 
Barbara Jean Hinnenkamp who died July 9, 2014 
Eugene Athmann who died July 9, 2012 
Dr. Barry Peterson who died July 9, 1906 
Nancy Marthaler who died July 10, 2018 
Henry Kampsen who died July 10, 2001 
Veronica Weber who died July 10, 2000 
Charles “Chuck” Imdieke who died July 11, 2018 
Vern Linz who died July 11, 2014 
Connie Fiedler Bursken who died July 11, 2009 
Sister Mary Neil Notch who died July 11, 1995 
Catherine Ostendorf who died on July 11, 1978 
We encourage friends to show that you care by remembering these families, this week, with a call, a card, or a visit. 

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