Music & Memories

Script for 1255th broadcast of Music & Memories on KASM radio, 1150AM.

Good Morning!

This is Pat Patton, inviting you to join us for the 1255th broadcast of "Music & Memories".

And welcome to all of you listening over KASM.

At Patton-Schad our mission is Honoring Life's Memories; providing caring and compassionate funeral and cremation services throughout central Minnesota.

This program is our way of reaching out to help families deal with the difficult days surrounding the anniversary of the death of someone they loved.

Our purpose is to let those families know that others care - we remember . . . their families remember . . . and we encourage friends to show that you remember also.

Our program this morning is dedicated to the memory of:

Minnie Job who died on January 25, 1987
Edward "Ed" Jenc who died on January 25, 2010
Jerome "Bud" Minette who died on January 25, 2010
Celestine "Sally" Hinnenkamp who died on January 25, 2013
Helen Melton who died on January 25, 2015
Andrew J. Hansen who died on January 26, 1996
Mathilda "Tillie" McKenney who died on January 26, 2015
Marilyn Hinnenkamp Malone who died on January 27, 1992
Evelyn Pekarek who died on January 27, 2002
Viola Olmscheid who died on January 27, 2007
Ray Sobiech who died on January 27, 2011
Kenneth Leyk who died on January 28, 2001
Beatrice "Bede" Kortenbusch who died on January 29, 2011
Lawrence Notch who died on January 30, 2000
Walter "Pinky" Thelen who died on January 31, 2015

We encourage friends to show that you care by remembering these families, this week, with a call, a card or a visit.

Today marks our 1255thpresentation of this program of remembrance on Sunday mornings.  We thank you for the overwhelming response we've had from listeners throughout central Minnesota.  If you have someone you would like us to remember, you are welcome to give us a call at 1-800-799-3089 or drop us a note at 620 Beltline Road in Sauk Centre. You can also visit the "Music & Memories" page on our website at and use the online form you find there. No matter how you send us the information we ask that you do so a couple of weeks in advance.

Please visit our updated website at where you'll find our latest obituary listings right on our home page. You can also receive our obituary notifications by email by selecting the Sign Up button on the lower right of our home page. After just a few visits you will see all that this memorial website has to offer to the families and communities we serve daily.

So please visit our updated online location at or find us on Facebook.

This has been Pat Patton for Patton-Schad Funeral & Cremation Services - Honoring Life's Memories throughout central Minnesota.

Please join us, next Sunday morning, for "Music & Memories".

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